Long River Gallery & Gifts


Lynn Adams

Lynn Adams - Red Flower Pendant
Red Flower Pendant

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Medium: Sterling silver and enamel jewelry.

Using traditional methods and materials, and with our natural world in mind, Lynn creates pieces both classical and contemporary.

Sandra Bomhower

Sandra Bomhower - Druzy and Onyx
Druzy and Onyx

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Medium: Gold and Silver jewelry.

Custom designs in gold and silver by juried member of the Vermont Handcrafters. Sandra has over two decades of designing and repairing fine jewelry.

Matt Brown

Along Franconia

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Medium: Color woodblock prints.

Color woodblock prints made with rice paste, water, pigments, brushes and a hand-held baren using the Japanese hanga method.

Mary Fox Church


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Medium: Oil

In my paintings, I try to capture a moment that brings the viewer a recalled emotion and sense of life recaptured.

Isobel Cochran

Along the River

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Medium: Watercolor

Inspired by constantly changing reflections in water,  Isobel uses transparent watercolors to create a gentle atmosphere in her landscape paintings.

Micki Colbeck

Oxbow forming on the Ompompanoosuc

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Medium: Oils

She paints the world around her, mostly the Ompompanoosuc River and the valleys that feed it.

Keita Colton


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Medium: Oil on canvas

I paint in oil or pastel in reverence to the transient moments in nature’s landscapes and beings.

Carol Corliss

Carol Corliss - Out Of Reach
Out Of Reach

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Medium: Pastel

Carol's art is primarily inspired by the magnificent scenery and abundant wildlife that surrounds us here in New England with occasional scenes from her travels.

Martha Davis

Chatham on Cape Cod

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Mediums:  oil and pastel

I paint in oils and sometimes pastels. Outdoor landscapes, plein air or from photographs. Also, I like Vermont cows and sheep. Good subjects and fun to paint. My paintings are usually bright with a lot of color.

Betsy Derrick

There Would Be

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Mediums:  oil and pastel

Inspiration for Betsy’s subtle and poetic landscape paintings comes from places she has visited or has just simply imagined.

Greg Gorman

Aya Itagaki -  A moment of glory

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Mediums/media: stained glass, mosaic, painting, prints

Over 35 years working as a professional decorative artist, Greg has
designed and created numerous small and large glass or mosaic works.

Mary Gerakaris

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Meduim: Photography

Photography is my passion.  I attempt to capture nature in a unique way through macro photograpy, reflections and patterns.

Nora Palmer Gould

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Medium: Fiber (knitting)

Knitted sweaters, hats, mittens for adults and children.  Illustration of a “fairy sweater” for a child and her  18-inch doll.

Case Hathaway-Zepeda

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Medium: Gold nd silver jewelry, semi-precious stones.

Jewelry inspired by the textures and flow of large bodies of water: sculptural and interactive. Case’s work includes a bridal line of tiaras and neckpieces.

Aya Itagaki

A moment of glory

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Medium: Sumi-ink/Gansai wc

Using Japanese brush Calligraphy technique for over 40 years in US, my mind and brush are following the artistic wind without resistance, so that I feel that I am “Doing nothing, but doing something.”

Jennifer Kortfelt

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Mediums:  Fiber (yarn)

Description: Handweaver and knitter creating items to be worn or to decorate your home.

Carl Mehrbach

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Medium: Oil on Canvas and Pencil on Paper

Carl Mehrbach studied with Philip Guston, receiving his MFA from Boston University. Mehrbach's work aims to communicate the human condition via images of figures interacting with one another and with nature.

Robin Model-Lornitzo

Fairy Dress
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Robin makes boxed "woodland fairy dresses" made of forest found material, born from a love of miniatures and nature.

Bruce Murray

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Medium: Clay

Artist in clay

Barbara D. Newton

Black Mountain

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Medium:  Collage

Japanese-type papers are torn, layered and shredded to produce variations of color, line and texture.  Subject matter - nature.

Robin Nuse

Jerico Valley

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Medium: Pastels and Oils

Robin prefers to work from life, but also will draw from her own photographs subjects that interest her. Light and color play an important role in much of her work. Her subjects range from rivers, lakes, mountains and sky to intimate glimpses of the landscape.

Phyllis Orem


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Medium:  Pastel

Seeing beauty in almost anything, capturing that beauty and interpreting it for myself and others is why I paint.

Amanda Ann Palmer

Deborah Reese - Marsh Near Quechee Gorge

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Medium: Clay

Hand thrown and sometimes altered functional ceramics.

Deborah Reese

Deborah Reese - Marsh Near Quechee Gorge
Marsh Near Quechee Gorge

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Medium: Oil on Canvas

My paintings are executed in oils, with the frequent addition of charcoal, graphite, ink or torn paper for textural and linear emphasis.

Linda Reeves-Potter

Spring Time Tulips

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Medium: Watercolor

Linda loves the expression of art as an experience to learn more about life. This is her philosophy as a teacher and an artist.

Stephanie Reininger

Sunny Wall, Venice

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Medium: Watercolor and pencil are what I work in to capture my favorite images.

Carol Santa Maria

Sea Lace

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Medium: Paper

Works of cut paper folded in unique ways to emphasize flowing lines and continual movement

Ann Semprebon

Ann Semprebon - August

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Medium: Watercolors and etching

I love to observe and try to depict the natural beauty of the world around me.

Kathleen Swift

Kathleen Swift - Beau

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I use Japanese brushes and ink or Western oils to capture life forms, landscapes, and still life.