Betsy Derrick - Painter

Artist’s Statement


Betsy is currently finishing work on a series of paintings in which she has explored the use of blue as a unifying hue plus discovering the dynamics of the horizontal landscape composition expanded to a more panoramic proportion. She has created a “Methods” page on her website, which explains her technique.



Betsy’s paintings are painted in an indirect manner, made up of thin rather than thick applications of oil pigments with both Tonalist and Velatura techniques. The colors are muted in intensity and the values are closely related. Reflected light, backlit objects and the effects of halation are commonly seen. Her style has definitely been derived from her pastel technique of painting in many atmospheric layers. Her themes and style have influences from the Romantic style of the pre-industrial era with reverence for the abstract forces of nature. Compositions are often imaginary but based on places she is personally attracted to. There is reference to the time and the places where she goes to reflect on the connection she feels so strongly with the natural world.


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