Michele Fennell - Painter


Born in the Northeast to parents, who both had an interest in art, Michele’s own talent was apparent at an early age. She excelled in the subject while attending schools in Florida, Arizona, and California. When Michele returned to her New England roots she began a career in graphic arts and remained in the field until 1991.


Today, Michele enjoys a life steeped in art. Her studies over these past years have allowed her to explore the gift of her talents and it has been through these explorations that she has found her niche. She says “What I especially like to create in my paintings is a place for the viewer to go -- a sort of personal adventure.” All of her art is based on real places but, like the real place, her art does not give up all of its mysteries. Through light and especially atmosphere, she likes to provoke questions about what isn’t seen and can’t be answered.


She does not subscribe to a pre-established palette of colors. Rather, she integrates the natural colors of the scene with colors that will enhance and unify the painting. It is in the old tradition of chiaroscuro painting that her style and approach is grounded. As she puts it, “I allow the characteristics of the medium to provide a painterly expression of the scene and then, through the representation of depth and light the journey emerges.”


Michele works en plein air as well as out of her studio at home. She welcomes commissions and offers private as well as group lessons to children and adults. She is an active member of the New Hampshire Artist’s Association and The Seacoast Artist’s Association She is an award-winning artist participating in many juried shows and her work is currently represented in several galleries and corporate offices in the region.


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