Micki Colbeck - Painter

Micki Colbeck earned her graduate and undergraduate degrees in studio art and art education from Webster College, in St. Louis. For twenty years, while raising her two children Gabe and Casey, she taught art in the public schools of St. Louis and in rural Missouri. In 1996 she moved to Vermont, where she married Carl Yirka. Her life in Vermont has been rich and varied. After a few years as a farm-hand on various Strafford farms, she became the Arts, Entertainment, and Community liaison for the Full Moon Cafe in Strafford up until its closing in 2003. She built a studio in 2004 and began painting daily, and exhibiting throughout the Upper Valley and beyond. She is a member of Strafford Artworks, a musician, dancer, and naturalist. Her life has been recently blessed with three grandchildren who live down the road and have frequent art, music, and nature days with grandma.

Inspiration comes from the life that abounds, whether it be from the farm animals of my neighbors, the faces of my grandchildren, or the rolling hills and streams of these beautiful valleys. As last year was a time of studying faces, searching for those characteristics that show we truly are one, this year has been a return to the outdoors, painting directly from nature, becoming one with the visual world.

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