Robin Model-Lornitzo - Dried Flower Artist


Robin lives in Lyme Center with her husband, two  boys, black labs, three cats and assorted wild critters. She also co-owns Booked Solid New and Used Books in Bradford, VT and is on the Valley Quest Council for Vital Communities. A quilter for 15 years, she loves working with her hands and  is fascinated with miniatures. Her hand pieced miniature quilts and fairy dresses have arisen out of this interest.


Previous incarnations have included High School English teacher, freelancer, and bicycle tour leader.


Robin's fairy dresses are made from forest-found  material: assorted feathers, pressed flowers, leaves, sea shells ... She never  quite knows how a dress will turn out until she sits down with that day's cache and starts creating. She mounts the dresses on small wire hangers in a forest  "boutique" of wood and fern, usually in a wooden shadow box but more recently in  the more modern metal shadow boxes! (for the up-and-coming in the fairy world  ...). Robin also uses the occasional shadow box treasure found in yard sales ...  and is always experimenting with the medium.


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